software bug bounty hunting

A New Type of Bounty Hunter: Google Pays Millions To Find Software Bugs

There’s a new type of bounty hunter out there. The payoff is great, the skill set is limited, and the hunted are bugs. Bounty hunting and the future have officially collided....
May demanded social responsibility

Tech companies’ social responsibility advocated in UK PM’s speech

UK prime minister Theresa May demanded social responsibility for tech companies to filter illegal content, she said on Thursday afternoon. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, May demanded...
controversy regarding net neutrality

Net Neutrality, What Happened And What Is Happening?

On Thursday, December 14th the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to eliminate specific regulations on the Internet that had been implemented by the Obama administration in 2015.This vote has ignited a...
dismantling of neutrality regulations

Net Neutrality and The Dismantling of Regulations

On December 14th, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is set to vote on whether or not to dismantle the regulations put in place in February 2015 by the Obama administration.  This...


Blockchain Technologies

Businesses Play “King of the Hill” Too, and IBM Takes The Lead.

The top dog. It’s what everyone wants to be. Recently, with the rise of so many different technological advances, and the loads of money that comes with it, the race to...
Bitcoin Foundation letter

You Gotta Fight For Your Right to….Bitcoin?

Sometimes you have to fight for your rights. No one knows this better than the Beastie Boys. The 1986 release of ‘You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party’ on the...
metropolis upgrade

I Joined the Army

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made quite an impression in the movie industry. Since the debut of Iron Man in May, 2008, the franchise has grossed over $12.5 billion worldwide at...
stability of bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Increases to $5,000?

Prices on Bitcoin continued their post SegWit rise, cruising toward $4000 and above. The price is not a surprise to some analysts who had predicted the rise even from the start...
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The New AI from Skydio Knows Everything

Skydio is a young drone startup that was founded by grad students at MIT. They helped pioneer technology for autonomous flight by placing sensors on their aviation robotics. Their years of...
nuclear submarines

China seeks AI technology on nuclear submarines

China plans to update the computer systems on its nuclear submarines to incorporate artificial intelligence in the near future. “Though a submarine has enormous power of destruction, its brain is actually quite...
AI Culture

An AI Culture

There is a timeless joke that usually goes like this: Fish 1: “How is the water?” Fish 2: “What the hell is water?” While primarily a joke, it serves as an illustration of everyday...