Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Network Security

Network Vulnerability: Ensuring security from a variety of threats

With the new year and new security threats being added to the list of existing ones, the IT world is increasingly pushing to prioritize security, high availability, and disaster recovery for...
Nth party

The Nth party: compliance with anti-bribery and corruption laws

For Fortune Global 1000 companies with complex global footprints and multiple third party affiliations, compliance with cybersecurity regulations, including anti-bribery and corruption laws, is a challenge. Global supply chains are inevitably...
Honeypot security

Like Bees To Honey – How Honeypot Security Can Save Your Network

A new and proactive solution to protecting networks from attack, both external and internal, is to deploy a honeypot security system within the network. These systems have the capability to immediately...
IoT Deployment

IoT Deployment Optimization – EPID Identity

Over the next few years, an estimated 30 to 50 billion smart devices are expected to hit the IoT and EoT markets, all connected to various systems. With each device having...


Blockchain Technologies

Businesses Play “King of the Hill” Too, and IBM Takes The Lead.

The top dog. It’s what everyone wants to be. Recently, with the rise of so many different technological advances, and the loads of money that comes with it, the race to...
Bitcoin Foundation letter

You Gotta Fight For Your Right to….Bitcoin?

Sometimes you have to fight for your rights. No one knows this better than the Beastie Boys. The 1986 release of ‘You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party’ on the...
metropolis upgrade

I Joined the Army

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made quite an impression in the movie industry. Since the debut of Iron Man in May, 2008, the franchise has grossed over $12.5 billion worldwide at...
stability of bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Increases to $5,000?

Prices on Bitcoin continued their post SegWit rise, cruising toward $4000 and above. The price is not a surprise to some analysts who had predicted the rise even from the start...
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Better customer experience using seamless human-to-bot transition

Good customer experience makes a huge difference, but there are inevitably issues about the availability of agent resources, and costs. Is there a high-quality, cost-saving solution? Enter LogMeIn, whose mission is to...
transition 10,000 jobs

Foxconn to transition 10,000 jobs to automated production

Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou announced Foxconn is looking to transition 10,000 jobs to automated production this year. Innolux Chairman Tuan Hsing-Chien confirmed the desire to transition 10,000 jobs which should be enforced...
personality driven robots

Disney’s New Autonomous Robots

Disney is always creating magic. From their movies to their parks, it’s easy and fun to enter into a world of make-believe. Disney makes their magic, in part, through animatronic robots...