Dodging bullets, gravity-defying martial arts, unlimited human capabilities…each of these played a crucial element in the 1999 hit movie, The Matrix. As a small group of survivors battled an A.I. alien race hell-bent on wiping human life off the face of the earth, real life viewers pondered, and still ponder, the capabilities of artificial intelligence. And while the advances in today’s A.I. research aren’t yet at the level portrayed in the Matrix—that is of course, unless one has taken the red pill—some companies have taken large strides in its development. One such company is BitFusion who have just recently released their newest software program, BitFusion Flex.

The release of this program was highly anticipated by techies and programmers alike, with momentum building in May 2015 after BitFusion received its seed funding. After continuing to develop and perfect the software, and after receiving a second round of funding two years later, BitFusion was ready to reveal their product to the tech world. The new program, according to the release, expands access to “powerful, elastic machine learning and AI infrastructure so that all organizations, data scientists, and developers can leverage deep learning software and high-performance hardware like GPU’s quickly, productively, and cost-effectively.” The software program is blazing a trail in the A.I. field, leading to exciting advances in deep learning technology.

Deployable into almost any application, including data centers or cloud based systems, BitFusion Flex dramatically cuts down the time and expenses related to A.I. projects. It does this using BitFusion’s core virtualization engine, allowing users to not only customize their processes, but streamline them as well. BitFusion Flex allows one or many GPUs to be utilized at any point in time, all with proper scaling. It takes several systems and combines them into a smooth running cluster. Now a large, complex set of processes has been truncated—with exactly the same functions still in place—into one efficient system. Subbu Rama, the co-founder and CEO of BitFusion, comments on the software, “By providing an end-to-end solution focused on the unique needs around AI development and deployment, we are enabling companies to leverage these efficient architectures with very little effort. This massively accelerates time to business value for AI initiatives.”

Lest BitFusion Flex escape its potential users with complexity and uncertainty, the package comes with pre-bundled deep learning and data science libraries as well as training resources. The commitment to hands on, do-it-yourself learning makes BitFusion Flex easily accessible and well worth the investment. The software allows users to seamlessly move from the development stage—implementing the software to streamline processes—to the training stage—scaling out more GPUs on a shared cluster. As one article puts it, “BitFusion Flex optimizes deep learning workflows throughout the AI application lifecycle including development, training, and inference.”

Though humans aren’t able to dodge bullets and run up walls in real time (yet!), the capabilities in artificial intelligence have boomed in the past several years. With the addition of BitFusion’s newest release, BitFusion Flex, A.I. research has taken one giant step forward in reaching new and exciting highs.