It’s no secret that job interviews are a unique experience. You have 30-60 minutes to impress your potential employer, while not doing anything that relates to your job. For developers, tradition has demanded that coders demonstrate their skills on a whiteboard. This is hardly how coding is done today. Even the experienced coders often need to practice for these tests, making it difficult for many to get jobs. However one company, CodeFights has created a way to help job seekers out. They have created a platform which helps developers practice for the all-important interview. CodeFights is already known by job seekers as a recruiting platform that offers competitive coding tasks and various tests to demonstrate their skill level. But now they’ve taken it to a new level with their new Interview Practice. This program helps prepare developers for their next interview by providing the practice they need to succeed. It gives real interview questions, tests coding knowledge, and shows what should be improved upon before the next interview.

The tool first came out in beta version earlier this year, providing training interview skills. The beta version was expanded upon this week as the full version was officially launched. CodeFights has expanded the functionality of the program, adding new features to prepare coders for their interviews. CodeFights founder and CEO came out with the following statement regarding the program, “The key idea behind the new Interview Practice is creating an experience that is analogous to having a personal coach for the interview preparation process. We help users understand the overall landscape, including what topics they need to prepare for to do well at technical interviews, and provide a training plan that they can follow to achieve the best results possible.” Undoubtedly, this program should help any who use it, even the most experience coders.

The beta version of the program simply helped with standard interview questions. Now the program boasts more features that are specific to developers. Just because a developer knows how to write code, doesn’t mean he knows how to answer fundamental coding questions in an interview. This program helps with that. While the Crash Course helps you prepare for typical interview questions, the Fundamentals course helps you prepare for specific topics related to computer science. Or you can mix and match questions from the two modes to fit exactly what you need to work on before your interview. As expected, the program tracks your performance and your growth as you practice for the interview. With the extra practice and refresher, coders can feel confident they’ll impress future employers in their next interview.

Because so many coding jobs are temporary projects, interviewing is an extremely common experience. With CodeFights and their “Interview Practice Mode”, coders can set themselves up for success in their next interview. If you’re looking for a new coding gig, this might just be the tool for you. It’s now available for free to all developers who want an edge in their next interview.