If you’ve ever needed corrective lenses, you know the feeling of looking at the world with blurred vision. Everything is fuzzy, and difficult to make out. The same can be true for brands of companies. Many times, companies focus their brand on something that doesn’t make a lot of sense to consumers, and pay the price in lost revenue. However, through sentiment analysis, or emotion mining, new technology will bring growth in AI brand management.

Reading the response of the public for varying brand choices is difficult. Even political analysts have turned to sentiment analysis in order to determine how crowds respond to particular hot button issues. Now that same technology is coming to the business world through AI brand management.

Using AI, researchers are able to take the ‘emotional temperature’ of a vast array of participants and subjects, producing a response analysis of a specific brand choice or change. By applying these datasets to the specific marketplace, companies will be able to use AI brand management in creating the best possible brand choices for their customer base, and even reach out to new customers in targeted ways.

The specific technology that makes AI brand management possible is through unsupervised sentiment learning. Researchers Anuj Sharma and Shubhamoy Dey discovered that their model was predicting the most popular characters on Amazon, and realized the potential.

“We were very surprised that our model learned an interpretable feature, and that simply predicting the next character in Amazon reviews resulted in discovering the concept of sentiment. We believe the phenomenon is not specific to our model, but is instead a general property of certain large neural networks that are trained to predict the next step or dimension in their inputs.”

This predictive power based on sentiment is the system that is producing the new AI brand management system. When companies have access to the sentiment of their customers, they have the power to tailor their specific advertising budgets and brand focus to attract and impact their customer base in new and powerful ways.

Further, if sentiments could be read and understood for AI brand managment, they would also have the power to predict the response of users. This would allow companies real time directional shifts for increasing value response from customers. Consider the power of being able to read the current marketplace and tailor make brand decisions in order to meet those changing tides of public sentiment.

Like a near-sighted man without his glasses, today’s company leaders are making brand decisions with little to no awareness of public sentiment. AI brand management, however, may prove the key to unlocking the power of future responsive brand choices.

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