What if a manager was able to instantaneously know which five résumés of the stack of 200 were the best candidates to interview, all without having to read all 200 documents? What if this same manager could know what their employees were doing at their desks or in the building, without having to spy on them or peer over a cubicle awkwardly? And what if this manager could even detect attitude changes in an employee that indicates their dissatisfaction with the company? These quasi-superpowers seem like something out of a Marvel movie in the office space.  However, thanks to management AI software, this is not for the big screen or distant future anymore, managers can now be assisted in their jobs by AI.  There are three ways in which AI can now assist managers’ jobs.

The first way management AI software can assist managers’ jobs is in the task of hiring new employees.  While AI may not be able to interview candidates or make the call of bringing a new employee on the team, it can simplify this process.  AI software can sort through hundreds of résumés and search for crucial traits that match what an employer is looking for.  Not only that, this software can even broaden the search by looking at résumés beyond where the manager would look.  This management AI software can also allow companies to search out candidates rather than waiting for candidates to come to them.

The second way management AI software can assist managers’ jobs is by monitoring the work and whereabouts of employees.  There are several ways AI programming can monitor employees.  The software can track the computer usage of an employee – how many hours are they on Facebook and Amazon instead of on an Excel spreadsheet.  The program can even take periodic screenshots and keep the screenshots for a set time-period.  If an employee is up to something worse, the AI can send an alert to management.  Some companies have even created radio badges that can track the location of employees on an app and also send alerts if they trespass into unauthorized areas.  These monitoring protocols allow managers to have a better idea of when employees are doing their job, need to be correct, or beyond that.

The final way management AI software can assist managers’ jobs is by allowing managers to see aspects of their employees’ personal side.  For example, the software can examine the language and phrases used in emails to determine if the employee has a positive or negative attitude toward the job.  The software can also compare these observations over a set period and therefore see a change develop.  This software can go even further; it can predict if an employee is looking to leave the company.  The software can detect when an employee is considering a move to another company, and it can even give specific instructions on how to keep this employee.

Management is a job that will most likely always require a human to make decisions and direct other people.  AI technology has advanced to the point that managers can now be assisted in their work in ways that would have been thought science fiction only a matter of years ago.