There is a timeless joke that usually goes like this:

Fish 1: “How is the water?”

Fish 2: “What the hell is water?”

While primarily a joke, it serves as an illustration of everyday objects losing their wonder and being seen as usual and expected.  Such is the case with Artificial Intelligence.  AI has quickly gone from merely being one of the many aspects of our culture to be a culture in it of itself.  The AI culture has dramatically changed the nature of how businesses are run.  

While for many startups AI is just the proverbial water that is assumed, what specific ways has AI changed businesses and led to a new culture?

One of the ways AI culture changes business is that it leads to the business dealing in massive quantities of data.  AI can learn, and for it to learn it has to process hundreds of gigabytes – a number that is incomprehensible to the human mind.

This processing of hundreds of gigabytes is to the benefit of the business.  The human mind cannot mine through these hundreds of gigabytes of data for necessary information, but AI can.  This job handled by AI, which allows the human workers at a business to leave the big data to the AI while responding to the relevant material the AI unearths from the big data.

This ability to mine through big data leads to the next major way AI culture changes business: speed.

Since AI can mine through data for relevant material a company needs, this allows a company to respond and effect change at a rapid rate.  However, this culture has led to a fast rate of growth and innovation, which can quickly eliminate a businesses’ ability to effect change.  One of the specific ways businesses will not be able to effect change as well comes through providing resources to other businesses.  Often AI is used to provide services that allow companies to operate more efficiently.  It is not hard to see how a business can become quickly outdated if they do not innovate quickly enough.

AI culture is not all a cutthroat rat race.  In fact, it has often led to higher collaboration. NVIDIA’s new building the Endeavor in Santa Clara, CA, is one such example of this.  The building is designed in such a way that workers from all parts of the building will have interactions with each other.  This workplace culture is a glimpse of the goal of AI achieved: making normal human lives more comfortable.  In this case, an often overlooked ideal of collaboration is encouraged thanks to the AI culture.

AI continues to become more like the proverbial water with its influence in everything around us, from phones, cars, medicine and even houses.  It can be easy to miss the ways it is shaping businesses around us, and this, in turn, affects the lives of ordinary people.  

The AI culture is poised to improve the lives of people in various ways, and with big data being analyzed at increasingly high rates, the speed of this change will undoubtedly increase as well.