Bad things happen to everyone. From natural disasters, to interpersonal crises, to malevolent attacks, every person on earth, regardless of how sunny and privileged their day to day lifestyle might normally be, will experience some sort of terrible situation over the course of their time on earth.

This leads to an interesting observation: workers tend to overlook the fact that the same challenging events that change the trajectory of their personal lives also carry strong potential to negatively impact business operations in their place of work. This is especially true for IT departments.

Most people go to work every day confident that their personal data is safe. Whether this feeling of safety and well-being is based on tracking software, encryption services, avoiding known malicious websites, or the 90 minutes they spent backing up their Mac device to the cloud the night before, matters not. People feel protected by the safeguards they have established to protect themselves and their personal information in the event of a data disaster.

Huge risk for SMB clients

However, all that protection flies out the door the minute they sit down at a desk and power up a work PC. While most SMB employers enlist the help of a number of sources, the risk of attack or compromise, whether innocent or malicious, is stronger in the workplace.

SMB clients are most at risk. In fact, according to a report issued by Verizon, 58 percent of malicious attacks are directed toward small businesses.

Human involvement is always a risk. From the standpoint of a malicious attacker, it makes perfect sense. The rewards of breaching an enterprise typically far outweigh any benefit from attack an individual entity.

In the case of an innocent internal breach, the ramifications of making a mistake on a personal computer that wipes out a couple files compared to the catastrophic consequences of inadvertently deleting an entire ERP worth of data need no comparison.

The same is true for natural disasters. In the event of a flood, fire, or even the freezing temperatures that brought commerce and everyday life to a standstill over the last week of January in the U.S., most people have the wherewithal to guard themselves and their loved ones from harm. What are left overwhelmingly unprotected are places of work, as employees shift their focus from on the job productivity to staying alive.

Protecting the job

This is where companies like Datto come in. Providing enterprise level technology for MSPs, whose sole purpose is to keep SMB clients safe in the face of data security disasters coming from any direction, Datto’s secure cloud holds the key to secure and continuous business operational success.

Life is rife with unplanned events that threaten the continuity of business operations. Datto provides a solution called DRASS, or Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution to combat these inevitable occurrences. Whether the issue is total network failure, internal attack, or natural disaster, the Datto MSP DRASS solution can get businesses back to business with minimal or nonexistent downtime and instant damage avoidance security.

Data is protected, but more importantly, invaluable assets such as intellectual property, personal human resources information, and above all, customer safety and trust, are all protected. This is the goal of any MSP cloud-based solution provider. Cloud solutions are the overwhelming frontrunner in IT security, so in the search for an MSP provider the business climate, Datto has earned a second glance.