Current prospects for innovation, development and growth in the sensors market are offer extraordinary opportunities…

The global automotive sensors market is set to grow to $41.9bn by 2025 (an increase of $13.8 billion) with image sensors on trend to be the fastest-growing technology segment. The demand within the safety applications space is driving this technology growth, whereas telematics is set to be the fastest-growing application due to its popularity within entertainment and low-budget cars infotainment systems.

By 2022 it is predicted that more than 12.3 billion global mobile devices will be 5G capable and global internet traffic will flow at a rate of 150,700GB per second. IoT is on target therefore to have a significant impact on future technology capabilities due to the increased demand for connectivity in cities, homes, cars, as well as within manufacturing and other application and processing environments.

As innovative start-ups and established brands progress efficiencies and capabilities, whilst discovering further areas for improved data collection and assimilation, the competitive opportunities for companies of all sizes are significant with the likes of BMW, TWAICE, Hugo Boss, Lightwell, TMG Group, BehrTech, through to Toyota and Konux already benefiting from their R&D.

With a multi-track two day programme presented by industry experts on 17th & 18th June 2020 in the brand new Conference Centre Nord at Messe Munich, The Sensor Show Congress is an ideal opportunity for end users and tier one manufacturers to come together from across the global sensors ecosystem:

  • for discussions on latest market trends and technology developments
  • to share their success stories and significant discoveries.


The agenda for The Sensor Show features high profile and unique brands, including:


Mark Chapman – Engineering Director

Topic focus: Understand the potential for sensing technologies and the role they have in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.



Joachim Hensch – Managing Director

Topic focus: Combat ‘Digital Shadows’ in Large Scale Manufacturing Operations



Matthias Schindler – Innovation, Digitalisation and Data Analytics Lead

Topic focus: Harness the Power of AI and Data Analytics in the BMW Production System

bmw group


In partnership with automatica 2020, which takes place between 16th and 19th June 2020 at Messe Munich, companies such as Towerjazz, LeddarTech, PROPHESEE, Fizoptika, SENIS and Lampert will present latest application innovations, new products and future technologies on The Sensor Show networking floor.

There is no limit to the opportunities that sensors and data provide – which is why The Sensor Show is one of the greatest chances for discovery of like-minded professionals and future collaboration projects. There are a multitude of opportunities for professionals from across the world-wide sensors supply chain to represent their brand and ideas as delegates, sponsors and speakers:


Sensor end users can apply for a significant saving of 50% with the Super Early Bird Rate by the 29th February 2020 by completing this form or emailing contact details (full name, email address, company name and job title) to [email protected].

Please note that the standard delegate rate to attend The Sensor Show Congress is €999.


Innovative sensor technologies and solution providers can apply for a speaking slot at The Sensor Show Congress or book a networking space at The Sensor Show:

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