For a good amount of time now, Google Photos has been a major player in the photo sharing and storage service. On both Android and iOS operating systems, users of Google Photos enjoy free, unlimited storage for high resolution photos and even videos. Its interface allows users to automatically generate albums, improve the quality of videos and photos, share memories with friends and family, and even run searches through photos based off three major categories: people, places, and things. What Google Photos could not do before however, was create themed movies on demand.

Google Photos has expanded their movie building feature by giving its users the ability to automatically generate themed movies through either their app or website. This feature is rolling out today for version 3.13. Starting now, the following nine themes will introduce the feature of themed movies: They Grow Up So Fast, Meow Movie, Doggie Movie, In Loving Memory, Selfie Movie, Smiles of 2017, Mother’s Day Movie, Father’s Day Movie, and Valentine’s Day Movie.

Creating your own personal themed movie will be easy. All you do is open your Google Photos app, tap on the Assistant tab, and then tap on the Movie icon. After you’ve taped on the theme of your choosing, Google handles the rest. The best photos and videos relating to your chosen theme are automatically picked through Google’s Face grouping feature. Your photos and videos will also be paired with a fitting soundtrack that is placed as the background music for your memories. After a minute or two, that’s it. Google Photos will send you a notification that your video is ready. You can sit back and enjoy all the memories you’ve created.

Don’t set your expectations too high however. Users should not be expecting any major professional animations or special effects or fancy transitions. These themed movies play much like a simple collage. Nevertheless, users will be able to sit in the director’s chair to make edits and adjustments to the themed video afterwards. You can adjust the clip timings, change pictures in and out, and also alter the background soundtrack or switch it out for another soundtrack. Though movies can be created on the web, customization and tweaking is mainly limited to Android and iOS users.

To share your video, tap the menu bar on the top left, select “add partner account” from the Google Photos app, and then select the person of your choosing.

For the person who takes way too many pictures of his or her cat or dog, or for the person whose selfie game is on point (or nonstop), themed movies will be a natural and perfect fit. Parents can watch their children grow up right before their eyes all over again, and couples can relive their vacations and dates, for better or for worse. These movies are for everybody. Once again, Google Photos has brought simplicity and creativity together. Give it a try at least once, and expect more themes to come in the future.