Humans have always tried to immortalize themselves. Some have taken the assiduous path while others have done infamous deeds and ‘the evil lives on after them.’ Now ‘The Voices of Humanity’ team has taken up a project where they want to take the sum of our human knowledge in chips and send them to the ‘cosmic cloud’ in case something terrible were to happen to Earth’s inhabitants. (Some people do take the Avengers movie seriously.) The team has received two rounds of funding from the ground breaking NASA Innovative Advanced concepts and they want to build a ground based laser that allows data to be transmitted to the universe where your images, DNA code, books and videos can live forever in the universe.

While this may seem ludicrous to some, the pursuit of a future where possibilities are endless depends on three major areas. The most important thrust will be on lasers, chips and microbes. While different companies specialize in any of these three techs, the makers of equipment that is able to generate the processes used for manufacturing items that are too micro for human hands and eyes are rare. In other words there aren’t major companies that are able to produce equipment that combine the three technologies to create innovative products.

This shortfall has therefore shot up the stocks of the few companies that are making an effort in this area. Therefore Cognex (CNGX) has leapt to 118% and Coherent (COHR) climbed to 175% during the last twelve months. Coherent as a company specializes in making highly functional lasers used for cutting precise objects and is also a leading product maker of liquid crystal displays.

The news has been full of 3D imaging systems where ground breaking research is going on about the potential ‘3D Printers’ that would soon be able to print 3D models of human hands and legs after taking the precise measurements. Therefore other companies in this field like Faro (FARO), which provides portable, high precision measurement and imaging systems, have a huge potential for expansion. The ground breaking innovations in the medical sector have already helped countless individuals to live fuller lives that they cherish. Consequently, this industry’s overall stock performance has been meteoric and many institutional investors are holding on to their shares. Many are already looking to build on their existing share positions, as well.

Ever since Samsung launched its flat screen Television sets, the demand for flat panel applications and equipment has risen globally. The markets for lasers include microelectronics, scientific and governmental programs, biotechnological tools, and medical innovations, among others.

Apple’s decision to release its upcoming iPhone 8 with OLED screens raised speculation amongst vendors of OLED manufacturing. Coherent’s systems enable manufacturing of RGB-OLED screens which are primarily manufactured by Samsung. In an interesting turn of events in the tumultuous relationship between Samsung and Apple, it was reported Apple had ordered 70 million OLED screens from Samsung for use in its iPhone 8. Coherent’s products are being demanded across all different markets and the launch of iPhone 8 will only boost its market value. It appears that Apple’s involvement may be the catalyst toward Coherent’s business immortalization.

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