Thursday, October 18, 2018

Some Catching Up To Do

In 2010 President Obama had exhorted American students to toil harder in schools, as their hard work and success would determine America’s leadership and hegemony in an increasingly multipolar world. He...
Bitcoin Foundation letter

You Gotta Fight For Your Right to….Bitcoin?

Sometimes you have to fight for your rights. No one knows this better than the Beastie Boys. The 1986 release of ‘You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party’ on the...
Western Digital and Toshiba

When Business Relationships Need Couples Counseling

Personal relationships are complex. Business relationships can be even worse. What’s so frustrating about them, is the great opportunity for potential. Two companies, providing goods and services which benefit the other,...
AI VC funding

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

Why do people go to college? Is it to get a good degree, in order to get a great job, in order to have an even better life? Is it to...
Adwords fraud

What Do Google Adwords and the New England Patriots Have in Common?

Recent reports of Adwords fraud from Google bring the New England Patriots to mind. Love them or hate them, the Patriots know how to win Super Bowls. Having captured the NFL’s...
Bluetooth hearing aid

Crank Your Tunes in Your Hearing Aid?

Juxtaposition. The word means two things that generally don’t belong together being placed side by side for effect. The world saw just such an event with the release of the streaming...
content collaboration

The Silver Thread Throughout

The old story of the silver thread that runs through all lives and connects them together may have application in the workplace as well. From digital marketing professionals that offer customer...
james damore

Google Fires Memo Author to Control Damage

Marshall Mathers, the rap superstar, is known by a variety of names--Marshall, his birth name, Eminem, his stage name, or Slim Shady, the name of his violent alter ego. In 2002,...

Dwight Schrute and the Women’s Appreciation Memo

Karen: Hey, did you guys see this memo that Dwight sent out? "Women will be sent home if they wear makeup or heels exceeding 1/4 inch. Females are not allowed...
Model S

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Few debates are more heated and passionate than the ongoing discussion between Star Wars and Star Trek fans about which franchise is superior. Star Wars took the world by storm in...


Microsoft Cloud Over an Indian Summer

For most non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in India, the past few summers have been relentless. The government has cancelled the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)...
innovation economy

The Best Part of a Sandwich