How to Avoid a Gulag Lockdown in Your Cloud Vendor Choices

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn shocked the western world about the conditions in Siberian prison camps in his three volume expose titled The Gulag Archipelago in the mid 20th century. The books ripped through...

Better customer experience using seamless human-to-bot transition

Good customer experience makes a huge difference, but there are inevitably issues about the availability of agent resources, and costs. Is there a high-quality, cost-saving solution? Enter LogMeIn, whose mission is to...
Google Photos

New Google Photos Feature: Themed Movies

For a good amount of time now, Google Photos has been a major player in the photo sharing and storage service. On both Android and iOS operating systems, users of Google...
grc innovation

Wdesk Policy Management Platform from Workiva wins GRC Innovation Award

Workiva has announced that their Wdesk Policy Management solution has won the GRC Innovation Award for Best User Experience by GRC 20/20 analyst firm earlier this Februrary. The annual award for GRC...
Google Drive service

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Google

It’s crowded. It’s only 85 degrees but it feels like 115. Time crawls by as the wait time drops from 90 minutes to 60 minutes to half an hour. Finally, it’s...
content collaboration

The Silver Thread Throughout

The old story of the silver thread that runs through all lives and connects them together may have application in the workplace as well. From digital marketing professionals that offer customer...
phishing attacks

Google Fights Back on Phishing

There’s an old American adage - “never bring a knife to a gun fight.”  Google proved this to be radically true after the substantial phishing attacks that cause so much damage...

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

“Keep it secret, keep it safe.” Gandalf uttered these words to Frodo Baggins moments after leaving him with the one Ring. These words would become Frodo’s marching orders throughout the duration...
unique reach

Unique Reach by Google will Prevent Advertisers from Spamming

During Google’s Marketing Next conference in San Francisco, the search giant unveiled a new measurement tool called Unique Reach which will allow marketers to know the exact number of times a...

Microsoft Announces Support for Video Bots in Skype

Chatbots became known to the public in 1963 when computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum created Eliza, a computer program that simulated communicating with a human. Since then chatbots have evolved, becoming more...


Windows bugs have come to resemble the Hydra of Ancient Mythology

The Lernaean Hydra in Roman mythology was a frightening beast. It had seven snake heads. If a warrior cut off one of the heads,...
Equifax Cyber Security Breach

“It’s Time to Intervene!”

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