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Salesforce Sets the Stage for AI-Powered CRM Leadership as Dreamforce 2023 Kicks Off

Why Salesforce Dreamforce 2023 is a Must-Watch Event for AI Enthusiasts As San Francisco prepares for the impending Dreamforce event, there's one burning question on…

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Conrad Electronic’s Apigee-Powered Transformation

Conrad Electronic's Digital Transformation Powered by Google Cloud's Apigee Conrad Electronic, a stalwart in the technical supplies industry since 1923,…

Google Cloud Empowers Log Analysis with Dataform

Google Cloud Enhances Log Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness with Dataform In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, managing and interpreting security…

Microsoft Eyes Valve: Gaming Shake-up?

In a surprising twist unearthed through recently leaked documents, it seems that tech leader, Microsoft, might have expressed an interest…

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Data Science Workstations Benchmarks and Best Practice

As the vast number-crunching enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a critical part of most organizations’ business models, finding the right tools, technologies and techniques


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