Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Ethical AI: Europe publishes new guidelines

Chris Middleton explains what Europe is doing to meet the ethical challenge posed by the rise of AI. What do organisations need to do to implement AI ethically – and just...
Cyber security Alexa Amazon spy private

Cyber security: How Alexa is permitted to spy on your private life

Chris Middleton explains the implications of Amazon’s latest research – and its efforts to water down consumer privacy protections. Scare stories about Amazon’s Alexa eavesdropping on customers are nothing new, and are...
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UK Industrial strategy: A bold vision scuppered by incompetence

OPINION While the British government wrestles with Brexit, it has announced more details of its plans to raise R&D investment to 2.4 percent of GDP, in line with its revamped industrial...
Facial Recognition Privacy Regulation

Why facial recognition systems should be regulated

Chris Middleton reports on a complex debate as the US considers putting legal restrictions on facial recognition systems. Moves are afoot in the US to regulate facial recognition technology. This month, two...
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Should we fear AI, or embrace its benefits?

Fifty-two technologists, academics, and business leaders have been quoted by business intelligence group CB Insights as saying that AI could spiral out of control and threaten human society. Some have hit the...
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5G and the IoT: The communications service provider challenge

‘Digital transformation’ has become a conference cliché in recent years, joining ‘innovation’ as a term that people often repeat without explaining what they mean. But what’s certainly happening in some organisations...

Global Leaders meet at WEF Davos to discuss the fourth industrial revolution

The 49th World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, from 22-25 January 2019, brought together CEOs, politicians, economists, scientists, and activists to debate the critical questions facing the planet. Globalisation,...


Tensor Processing Unit: A Chip Off the Old Block

These days everyone knows that NVIDIA is the leader in global production of graphics processing units (GPUs). The company is making the news this...