Fighting the Giants

After NVIDIA announced their earnings from last quarter, everyone has been bullish about the company. After huge growth in the gaming sector, NVIDIA also presented a substantial (205%) growth in the...

Why data quality is key to successful digital transformation

When owning a company it is only natural to want it to grow and succeed, so the first thing that a company must do is begin to understand how important data...
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery in the New Age

We’ve all had that dream - every single machine on our network shuts down. Major disaster. Finance teams are shut down - no invoices or billing. Sales teams are hobbled with...


SegWit Activates, Bitcoin Stability Remains Intact

SegWit (Segregated Witness) has just been locked in to the Bitcoin blockchain with little or no fanfare. Thirty-somethings will likely remember the Y2K scare...
infected CCleaner software

Be Careful Who You Hire