Banking in the Virtual World? PKO Bank Polski Thinks the Money’s in the Metaverse

Money in the Metaverse Follow the money, they say. And for those wondering where all their money is going at the moment, the answer might…

Sam Taylor Sam Taylor 6 Min Read

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MIT’s Quadruple Triumph: 2023 R&D 100 Awards

MIT's Lincoln Lab Secures Four R&D 100 Awards in 2023 MIT's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Lincoln Laboratory has received four…

Mastering Multicloud Communication for Regulated Industry Workloads via IBM Cloud

Unraveling Multicloud Connectivity for Regulated Workloads on IBM Cloud Modernization and migration of enterprise workloads to IBM Cloud frequently necessitate…

AI-Generated Images Can’t Be Copyrighted, Says US Court

AI-generated art has been controversial since its invention. Many artists claim their work has been used, without their consent, to…

US Government To Block Investment In Chinese Tech Industry

For a little while now the U.S government has been growing suspicious of the Chinese tech industry. After the grilling…

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2024 Playbook: Identity Security and Cloud Compliance

Cloud migration and digital transformation have become more commonplace among enterprises, but these initiatives raise new challenges to protect their data, applications and workloads.  This...


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