Why the UK’s backward stance is a disaster for tech

Chris Middleton expresses a personal view on the PR problem created by the UK’s double-headed approach to technology For the past three years, the UK…

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MIT’s Quadruple Triumph: 2023 R&D 100 Awards

MIT's Lincoln Lab Secures Four R&D 100 Awards in 2023 MIT's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Lincoln Laboratory has received four…

AI-Generated Images Can’t Be Copyrighted, Says US Court

AI-generated art has been controversial since its invention. Many artists claim their work has been used, without their consent, to…

US Government To Block Investment In Chinese Tech Industry

For a little while now the U.S government has been growing suspicious of the Chinese tech industry. After the grilling…

Go:Tech Awards 2023 Winners Foster Inclusivity

Accessibility and inclusivity was the order of the day at the 2023 Go:Tech Awards. Seeing Speechmatics and Carescribe go home…

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Data Science Workstations Benchmarks and Best Practice

As the vast number-crunching enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a critical part of most organizations’ business models, finding the right tools, technologies and techniques


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