Robots Have Learned to Say No

Our perception of robots can vary greatly from individual to individual, but despite these disparities, most of us can at least agree upon one thing and that is robots should always...

Restaurant App Zomato Gets Hacked, 17 Million Users’ Data Stolen

When is the last time you’ve changed your password? For most of us, it’s been too long since we’ve changed them to keep our accounts safe, despite the common knowledge that...

Stratagem & The Betting World: AI on the Pitch

It seems that soccer (or football) is taking the world by storm. Nearly every continent is obsessed with football, and the growth in countries like India and the US has proven...
fluent design

Fluent Design: Game changer by Microsoft

At the Build Developer Conference in 2017 Seattle, Microsoft made some new announcements that are sure to have an impact on the look and feel of its user Interfaces. Some are...


HPE’s ‘The Machine’: The Supercomputer of the Future?

There’re a lot of different suggestions these days about which technologies are best for developing the newest supercomputers. One option that is being pursued...
Equifax Cyber Security Breach

“It’s Time to Intervene!”