Saturday, June 6, 2020
FISA 702

How Big is Big Brother?

Few books in history are as insightful as George Orwell’s magnum opus 1984. And quite frankly, in this era of big government and executive overreach--not just a slight at number 44--few...
personal data

UK Data Protection Shake Up Coming

Most everyone has had an embarrassing dream - being in an exam unprepared, or going to school without one’s pants on - and most everyone has had an embarrassing moment in...
privacy screens

Apple Stops Others from Reading Over Your Shoulder

Privacy screens may be the wave of the future, and Apple is riding the wave with a recent patent. We’ve all been there - on the subway or at a coffee...

Congress Members Suggest FCC Danger Zone with Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the byword of the month, with a series of important suggestions and announcements in recent weeks. The debate over whether the US government will continue to allow the...
right to privacy

Police Tracking Your Phone? Judiciary Intervenes

A normal boring day, when dull-eyed customers come to the bank for their financial transactions they are shaken by the piercing sounds of a gunshot. An armed robbery heist is on....

Restaurant App Zomato Gets Hacked, 17 Million Users’ Data Stolen

When is the last time you’ve changed your password? For most of us, it’s been too long since we’ve changed them to keep our accounts safe, despite the common knowledge that...
email privacy

Email Privacy: Google Closes Its Eyes

Privacy and security, more than almost anything else, has become the focal point of internet usage. Consumers do not want their private information used in any way, and especially, not by...
net neutrality

Net Neutrality: Not Available for Comment

Not available for comment. We’ve grown accustomed to hearing that from politicians, but not from the internet. The internet is the place we go to let politicians know exactly how we...
foreign ministry

Stolen Ministry Data: Italy Falls Prey to Hackers

There’s been a glut of news lately regarding the potential for hacking and political movements. After the recent allegations against the Trump administration, as well as the notorious exposure of the...
Athena Malware

Athena Malware: The CIA in Your PC

If you’ve seen a suspense/thriller movie lately, a lot of them have to do with government authorities taking control of different private sector systems, and usually with nefarious purposes. Until recently,...


The Shoulders of Giants

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most brilliant minds the human race has ever produced, left a profound mark on history. His laws of...