Artificial Intelligence

BREAKING: UK Leads First-Ever UNSC Session on AI Safety

Today, the United Kingdom has taken a pivotal step in shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a global scale. The UK is chairing…

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Accelsius Unveils NeuCool: Next-Gen AI Data Center Cooling

Accelsius has announced the launch of its revolutionary new product, NeuCool, a high-performance, two-phase direct-to-chip cooling system designed to meet…

To Build a Better AI Supercomputer, Embrace the Light

Light as the New Conductor The expansion of artificial intelligence is closely tied to the development of more powerful computing…

Microsoft and OpenAI Partner for $115 Billion Stargate Data Center Project

Microsoft and OpenAI have unveiled plans for Stargate, an AI supercomputer data center with an estimated cost of over $115…

The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Society in the Wake of Europe’s Landmark AI Act

In the Shadow of Fiction: The Birth of AI Legislation As the European Parliament adopts the Artificial Intelligence Act, a…

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Data Science Workstations Benchmarks and Best Practice

As the vast number-crunching enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a critical part of most organizations’ business models, finding the right tools, technologies and techniques


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