Artificial Intelligence

The Acquisition & the Villainous Race for AI Dominance

In an unfolding narrative that blurs the lines between reality and a comic book plotline, Elon Musk continues to make bold strides in his relentless…

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Mercedes-Benz Integrates Azure OpenAI Service: A “Knight Rider” Reality?

Knight Rider 2.0: When AI Takes the Wheel with Mercedes-Benz and Azure OpenAI Service Remember the famous 1980s TV show…

WPP and NVIDIA Unite to Develop a Generative AI-Powered Engine for Digital Advertising

In a groundbreaking collaboration, global advertising giant WPP and leading chipmaker Nvidia are joining forces to bring generative artificial intelligence…

‘Godfather of AI’ on The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Hinton hits out at AI's destructive potential The debate surrounding artificial intelligence rages on. Recently, the CEO of Digital Science…

New AI Regulations: The Rise of ChatGPT Prompts Change

The West might see the first AI laws sooner than you think Remember Issac Asimov's three laws of robotics...? We're…

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