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The Wondrous Advance of Human Society

Every couple of hundred years or so there is an amazing advance in technology that propels human society forward. A long, long time ago, it was the discovery of fire that...
ai painting technology

AI Fantasy Worlds

It seems that fantasy worlds are everywhere, and are now making their way into the artificial intelligence space via AI painting technology. Take the instance of two popular British novel series....
AI learning systems

The Train is Leaving in One Minute

The train station is jam packed and the train is supposed to leave in four minutes, but there are way too many people to push through to get to the proper...
weaponized ai

There’s Always a Bigger Fish

Let’s be honest--the three Star Wars prequels released from 1999 to 2005 weren’t good movies. Actually, they were terrible. And of course, who can forget Jar Jar Binks, the character that...
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iPhone Developer Leaks Another Feature

The House Majority Whip asks a fellow congressman into his office to share his ideas about the healthcare legislation that must be passed in the new president’s first 100 days. The...

The Fast Track for Farming

It’s a picture we’ve all envisioned. An idyllic farm, nestled in a valley, father spending the day threshing while mother bakes bread and the children play with the dogs inside. It...

Better Dead Than Red…Bots?

The Communist scare that swept through America and Western Europe at the beginning of the Cold War lead to some pretty insane political times. Fear of the ‘Reds' caused governments to...

Comeback Kid? Watson AI Platform Shows IBM’s Global Technology Services Advances

Everyone loves a good underdog story, a tale of a comeback kid who overcomes supposedly insurmountable odds to reach his lofty goal. One thinks of Rocky Balboa taking Apollo Creed to...


Humans have always been different from one another. While the champions of equality would glare if one mentioned the obvious inherent inequalities amongst peoples and nations, by now most of us...

Robots Have Learned to Say No

Our perception of robots can vary greatly from individual to individual, but despite these disparities, most of us can at least agree upon one thing and that is robots should always...


Paperspace Virtual Machines – Amping Up the Cloud

Virtual machines (VMs) are a huge benefit to the computing world. However, setting up a VM, and ensuring that the bulk of the software...
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The Best Part of a Sandwich

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