Thursday, January 17, 2019


Humans have always been different from one another. While the champions of equality would glare if one mentioned the obvious inherent inequalities amongst peoples and nations, by now most of us...

Robots Have Learned to Say No

Our perception of robots can vary greatly from individual to individual, but despite these disparities, most of us can at least agree upon one thing and that is robots should always...

Microsoft Announces Support for Video Bots in Skype

Chatbots became known to the public in 1963 when computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum created Eliza, a computer program that simulated communicating with a human. Since then chatbots have evolved, becoming more...
adobe analytics

Adobe Announces New AI-Powered Voice Analytics in Cloud

Computer software giant, Adobe, recently added new voice analytics capabilities to its Adobe Analytics Cloud tool. Adobe knows virtual assistants are everywhere. And now, whether you talk to Amazon’s Alexa, the Google...

Stratagem & The Betting World: AI on the Pitch

It seems that soccer (or football) is taking the world by storm. Nearly every continent is obsessed with football, and the growth in countries like India and the US has proven...

Diagnosing Deductibles with AI

Insurance scams are everywhere. From business based scams finding patient information and misrepresenting it, to patient scams in trying to garner greater reimbursements than deserved based on the falsified information. And...
Ant Financial

The Auto Insurance Damage Assessment

If you have ever been in a car crash, the rush of emotions can be quite overwhelming. After assessing the damage to our bodies, the first thing that comes to the...
robotic warehouse worker

Amazon will Award $250,000 to Invent Next-Gen Robotic Warehouse Worker

A robotic warehouse worker? Amazon is most commonly known for its online retail delivery service, but did you know that the company is also very interested in Robotics? Amazon, which is...
future of robots

Dubai Police Force: Facing the Robotic Future

What is a robot? This is not a philosophical question, but a practical one. Honestly consider, what defines whether something is a robot or not? Would a human-like form, that does a human’s...
bitfusion flex

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for A.I.

Dodging bullets, gravity-defying martial arts, unlimited human capabilities…each of these played a crucial element in the 1999 hit movie, The Matrix. As a small group of survivors battled an A.I. alien...


Why aren’t the Youth coding?

On June 29, 2007 the first iPhone was released by Steve Jobs. Later this fall, Apple is gearing up to launch its iPhone 8...

Fighting the Giants