AMD Announces NVIDIA Rival

It’s a classic David and Goliath story…and we all like a good underdog. The massive GPU (graphics processing unit) maker NVIDIA has dominated the market for AI and some of the more complex gaming applications. But a fringe company in the world of super fast processing has just released a new chip that may will give NVIDIA a run for it’s money. The AMD (American Micro Devices) Vega processor promises to offer something special.

AMD has been a sort of fringe company in the world of super fast computing. Their mainstay has been processors for the home PC or laptops, and they’ve had a good run at that. They’re in over a billion machines worldwide, which is nothing to sneeze at. Because they’ve been able to underprice Intel, they’ve become the sort of go-to company for the lower end processor marketplace.

However, AMD is trying to reshape it’s image. They’ve just announced a brand new graphics card called the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. The card is a quality pairing of super fast GPUs designed to take market share away form NVIDIA’s Pascal series of chips, especially the recently updated Titan XP processor.

The Radeon Vega is a computing powerhouse. It offers a screaming almost 13 teraflops of peak FP32 compute performance and 16GB high bandwidth cache as wells as 64 compute units and 8K display support. The chipset has an updated pixel engine for super smooth 3D rendering and a new geometry engine designed to allow for rapid modeling speeds.

The company suggests that the new processor will have a wide variety of applications. The first area they’re hoping to see large scale growth is in the AI/machine learning world. The new Vega architecture is promising to increase speeds over large data sets (even compared to the Pascal series) to enable super fast training times for AI networks. They’re also looking to venture more substantially into the world of virtual reality (VR) with the Vega promising to offer super fast speeds in visualization tools. Finally, of course, they’re focusing on the gaming world. The Vega, just like AMD’s other offerings, provides a cost-helping alternative to the large ticket NVIDIA offerings with similar or better data processing. The game design industry is also in the crosshairs as AMD hopes to provide an excellent card for optimized asset production, playtesting, and performance. And what’s more, AMD has announced that it will soon release a liquid cooled model to take on the most complex processing jobs.

Overall, the AMD graphics card offers some really high quality specs for the world of fast computing. It’s being called the ‘most powerful graphics card in the world of AI and applications.’ When it gets released in June, the gaming and AI/ML worlds will have to do their own testing to see if its for real. However, if the stats are right, AMD may have the single stone that will topple massive NVIDIA market dominance in the world of GPUs.

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