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Global Leaders Discuss AI’s Potential and Risks at Bletchley Park AI Summit

The Bletchley Declaration The summit began with a landmark declaration from powerhouse nations such as the UK, US, EU, and China. This agreement, named the "Bletchley declaration," emphasizes the "potential

Conal Cram Conal Cram 3 Min Read

AI in Holistic Horizon: PowerHER Insights

AI - A Holistic New Reality? The recent JPMorgan Chase PowerHER conference brought together a diverse group of technology enthusiasts

Pippy Stephenson Pippy Stephenson 4 Min Read

Ernst & Young Unveil, the AI Platform Backed by a US$1.4b Investment

EY’s Transformative AI Journey: Introducing In a significant leap for artificial intelligence, Ernst & Young (EY) announces the launch

Conal Cram Conal Cram 3 Min Read

WPP and NVIDIA Unite to Develop a Generative AI-Powered Engine for Digital Advertising

In a groundbreaking collaboration, global advertising giant WPP and leading chipmaker Nvidia are joining forces to bring generative artificial intelligence

Conal Cram Conal Cram 6 Min Read
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Exploring the Future of AI and Economy: An Insightful Dialogue with UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt at Amazon and Microsoft

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and His Quest to Bolster UK's Tech Landscape UK's top finance official, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, culminated his West Coast tour in Seattle on Friday, underlining UK's flourishing

Pippy Stephenson Pippy Stephenson 3 Min Read

Android O: Google’s Android Update Fix

There’s Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat and Nougat. No, these are not only the candies that are in your nearby store but

Jon Buck Jon Buck 4 Min Read

HSBC Launches Innovation Banking at London Tech Week 2023: A New Chapter in Global Tech & Life Sciences

June 12, 2023, marked an exciting start to London Tech Week as HSBC announced a transformative venture, HSBC Innovation Banking.

Conal Cram Conal Cram 3 Min Read

The Acquisition & the Villainous Race for AI Dominance

In an unfolding narrative that blurs the lines between reality and a comic book plotline, Elon Musk continues to make

Conal Cram Conal Cram 3 Min Read
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