Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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A Practical Guide for Automating IT

Vendor: VMware  /  March 31, 2021  /  Topic: Automation  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
The rise of the digital economy is driving rapid and fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. In this new era, business success...

Innovating in the exponential economy

Vendor: VMware  /  March 25, 2021  /  Topic: Digital, Iot, Security  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
Digitisation continues to drive radical economic and behavioural changes and transform strategies and business models across industries. Freed from traditional constraints, digital natives are...

5 Critical considerations for enterprise cloud

Vendor: DRUVA  /  March 23, 2021  /  Topic: Cloud  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
Your workforce is going mobile, and so is your data. Today, an increasing volume of corporate data resides outside the firewall on end user devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets, as well as on remote and branch office servers. Backing up this data is business critical, yet todays on-premise backup solutions such as tape drives, external hard drives, and network backups are no match for this shift due to the high rate of errors and inability to scale to large data volumes.

VMware vSphere with Kubernetes 101 – An Introduction for vSphere Administrators Copy

Vendor: VMware  /  March 23, 2021  /  Topic: Cloud, Hybrid it, Insights  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
Sphere and Virtual Infrastructure administrators find themselves positioned between developers seeking to implement modern application development practices and more traditional IT infrastructure and governance...

9 Secrets to Reducing your Fleet Expenses

Vendor: Verizon Connect  /  March 22, 2021  /  Topic: Infrastructure  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
As a fleet owner, your day-to-day costs can quickly add up. What you don’t know is there are further hidden, expensive and needless costs...

Why CIO’s should rethink endpoint data

Vendor: Siemens  /  March 21, 2021  /  Topic: Network  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
For many firms, a BYOD approach to technology is an effective way to leverage employee resources for maximum impact. While desktop and notebook PCs continue to be the primary platforms for heavy computing, smartphones and tablets have transformed working lives and created efficiencies that could not have been realized prior to the widespread development and availability of consumer and enterprise mobile applications. However, BYOD is not without its shortfalls.

Why Automation is the Key to IT Agility

Vendor: VMware  /  March 19, 2021  /  Topic: Automation  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
2Today’s digitally empowered customers have higher expectations than ever before. IT needs new solutions that enable them to better engage with users—and offer superior service. If...

DeepFlash Elastic Storage Server – Accelerate Business Insights For Unstructured Data

In this ChalkTalk Video George Crump and Chandra Mukhyala, Portfolio Marketing Manager at IBM Storage discuss how a highly dense, cost effective flash storage system complimented by the right file system is a compelling alternative to hard disk based solutions.

Power real-time intelligence – turbo charge your splunk enterprise deployments

Vendor: Pure Storage  /  March 16, 2021  /  Topic: Deep learning  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
For thousands of organizations, Splunk® has become mission-critical. But it’s still a very demanding workload. Pure Storage solutions dramatically improve Splunk Enterprise deployments by...

Protecting Your SaaS Applications

Vendor: Sophos  /  March 14, 2021  /  Topic: Security  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
IDC believes that in the 3rd Platform era, the best approach to protecting email services like Office 365, which reside in the cloud, is one that synergistically ties together the embedded security mechanisms offered by the email service provider with adjacent security technologies and strong processes and policies managed by the business owner of the data.


Be Careful Who You Hire

Imagine you hire a professional cleaning company to do some work on your house. Now imagine that you hired the wrong cleaning company, and...