This InfoBrief seeks to enlighten IT practitioners of Western European mid-market organizations on key trends impacting IT environments and the role of server operating system environments (S-OSEs). It is based on a survey of 759 qualified IT decision makers in Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK). Survey respondents were screened to ensure they are familiar with their organizations IT and application strategies, and OSE selection. The InfoBrief covers the following:

• Which strategic IT initiatives are mid-market companies working on and/or planning for the next 18 months?
• What types of workloads do mid-market companies have in production?
• What key IT infrastructure challenges are being faced because of these workloads and IT initiatives?
• How can new infrastructure technologies and infrastructure suppliers address these challenges?
• What are the key considerations during the S-OSE selection process?
• What common challenges do organizations face regarding S-OSE deployments?