10 Tips for Laying the Foundation for a Strong Digital Marketing Program


Many marketing white papers talk a lot about specific tactics and how to maximize your approach to one key task. Having better calls to action and delivering the best offers by working closely with your business stakeholders are excellent strategies to drive more revenue. But sometimes, the advice can (and should) take a higher look at how to remake your entire marketing effort.

Just about every marketer has to make hard decisions daily about how they spend their limited time and resources, so you want to make sure you’re making the most efficient use of the tools and strategies you’re employing. One of the best ways to maximize your marketing resources is to focus on mastering three key strategies and then base your future success on delivering your best work in these areas. This tip sheet focuses on the critical “Big Three” of Listening, Segmentation and Automation. And yes, you should think about them in that order – beginning with listening and ending with action.

So let’s dive in to 10 tips across these three key areas of digital marketing.