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KDDI streamlines data warehouse to improve mobile services

Vendor: CA Technologies Ltd  /  June 30, 2017  /  Topic: Big data  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
Our mission is to make it possible for customers to use a variety of applications and content on networks and devices that are easy to connect and enjoyable to use. We also aim to continue providing high-quality customer services and we anticipate that HP Vertica will continue to support our mission.

Enterprise On The Go 5 Essentials For BYOD & Mobile Enablement

Vendor: CA Technologies Ltd  /  June 30, 2017  /  Topic: Virtualization  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
The existence of smartphones and tablets able to run lightweight apps has created a quantum leap in the potential of mobile devices in the workplace. Apps present enterprises with clear benefits in terms of maximizing employee connectivity, availability, flexibility and productivity.


Chasing the Leaders

Everyone wants to cheer for the underdog. Whether in sports, academics, or conflict, the world loves to see a come-from-behind victory. It’s the stuff...