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IT Evolution to a Hybrid Enterprise Drives the Need for Location-Independent Computing

Vendor: Forescout  /  June 30, 2017  /  Topic: Network  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
Enterprise IT has gone through several waves of evolution since the birth of computing. The computing platform has evolved from mainframe computing to minicomputers, shifted to client/server computing, and finally moved to Internet computing in the cloud era.

Advanced Threat Detection Integration Module.

Vendor: Forescout  /  June 30, 2017  /  Topic: Security  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper

ForeScouts Advanced Threat Detection Integration Module allows ForeScout CounterACT to integrate with systems that are designed to detect advanced persistent threats (APTs) within your network. This integration enables IT security managers to reduce their attack surface, detect advanced threats, scan the network for indicators of compromise (IOCs), and automate incident response. As a result, you can limit malware propagation, minimize data breaches, avoid costly investigation and protect your reputation.

Addressing Locky Ransomware and Other Malware Attacks.

Vendor: Forescout  /  June 30, 2017  /  Topic: Security  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper

The recent wave of ransomware attacks has highlighted serious security vulnerabilities in many healthcare IT systemsvulnerabilities that are also prevalent in other industry segments. This growing trend of attacking healthcare targets isnt surprising, given the high value and sensitivity of patient information. The healthcare industry is an early adopter of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies used in virtually every piece of electronic medical equipment today. Moreover, healthcare practitioners are power users of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, which further expand the attack surface. The medical industry is also accelerating its testing and acceptance of remote diagnostics, monitoring and telemedicine applicationsall of which include networked mobile or IoT devices that must be secured.

While the focus of this solution brief addresses recent attacks using the Locky strain of ransomware, the same security principles, processes and solution components apply to effectively mitigate risks posed by other types of malware.



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