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Why CIO’s should rethink endpoint data

Vendor: Siemens  /  June 30, 2017  /  Topic: Network  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
For many firms, a BYOD approach to technology is an effective way to leverage employee resources for maximum impact. While desktop and notebook PCs continue to be the primary platforms for heavy computing, smartphones and tablets have transformed working lives and created efficiencies that could not have been realized prior to the widespread development and availability of consumer and enterprise mobile applications. However, BYOD is not without its shortfalls.

DeepFlash Elastic Storage Server – Accelerate Business Insights For Unstructured Data

In this ChalkTalk Video George Crump and Chandra Mukhyala, Portfolio Marketing Manager at IBM Storage discuss how a highly dense, cost effective flash storage system complimented by the right file system is a compelling alternative to hard disk based solutions.


CodeFights: Have You Studied for Your Interview?

It’s no secret that job interviews are a unique experience. You have 30-60 minutes to impress your potential employer, while not doing anything that...