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Financial and Management Reporting Process Improvement

Vendor: Workiva  /  January 30, 2019  /  Topic: Digital, Iot, Security  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
Reporting regulations are on the rise, and reporting managers are expected to do more with fewer resources. With little room for error, how do...

Why Financial Reporting Is Keeping CFOs Awake at Night

Vendor: Workiva  /  November 21, 2018  /  Topic: Digital, Finance  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
In its largest survey of finance professionals to date, FSN's The Future of Financial Reporting Survey 2017 exposes the constraints that prevent CFOs from delivering fast, accurate and cost-effective financial reporting. In this e-book, you will...

Board Reporting Trends and Best Practices in the Digital Age

Vendor: Workiva  /  August 29, 2018  /  Topic: Digital, Finance, Reporting  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
Expectations for board performance continue to increase, and management must do its part to help the board fulfill its oversight role, understand what is...

Why You Should Strategically Invest in a Regulatory Reporting Documentation Platform

Vendor: Workiva  /  January 17, 2018  /  Topic: Finance, Reporting  /  Format: PDF  /  Type: Whitepaper
In the face of increasing reporting requirements, executives must often choose between doing more work with the same resources or going to senior leadership...


World War Z – Zero-day Viruses and New Risks

In most epidemic films, virus hunters are looking for the infamous ‘Patient Zero’ - the first patient to have contracted the virus, and who...