Supercharge your dbt projects with Starburst and inovex

Wednesday, 10th April 2024 | 10 am CEST / 9 am GMT

Unlocking the full potential of data requires seamless integration of powerful technologies. When two powerful open source solutions join forces with a trusted system integrator then great things can happen.

Learn how to achieve simpler, more efficient and powerful management of your SQL-based ETL workflows and pipelines with Starburst and dbt – supercharged by inovex.

In this session, you’ll gain invaluable insights into leveraging the agility of Starburst’s federated query engine enabling your open lakehouse alongside dbt’s transformative data modeling and transformation capabilities. See in a demo how both products interact and experience the transformation of data from different sources to the “Icehouse” (Open Lakehouse with data in Iceberg table format). Furthermore, discover how inovex bridges both technologies, offering best practices and expertise to maximize the impact of your projects.

Whether you’re a data engineer, analyst, or business leader, this webinar promises to illuminate pathways to optimized data workflows and accelerated insights, driving tangible business outcomes and paving the way to a modern lakehouse architecture.

Registration for this event is now over. Our next event on the 24th of April is now live.

Your Hosts

Julian Seither

Senior Data Engineer and Architect, inovex

Korbi Zollner

Senior Manager Field Engineering, Starburst

Stephan Durry

Enterprise Solutions Architect, dbt Labs