Chatbots and The New Workplace

One of the significant developments in the business world is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.  Naturally, there are concerns about this development and fears it could replace actual human workers.  However, as can be seen through the implementation of AI chatbots, AI has already transformed the workplace by providing HR solutions.

A chatbot is a software that allows automated, personalized conversation with a human user.  Chatbots have already been implemented into normal life with Starbucks giving its customers the ability to order their drinks ahead of time in the Starbucks app, or Whole Foods allowing customers to search for recipes through Facebook Messenger.

Specifically to the workplace, chatbots will allow various HR solutions for employees.  From answering frequently asked questions, and assisting employers to find new employees.

One HR solution that AI chatbots can assist in is answering frequently asked questions.  One problem easily remedied by chatbots is the ability to access answers to frequently asked questions anywhere immediately.  Whether it be questions related to paid time off, holiday hours, this allows employees to find answers to mundane questions in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

Another immense benefit to AI chatbots is the ability for employees to inquire about deeply personal questions, such as how to report a sexual harassment claim.  As recent events have shown in the US, sexual harassment is a significant problem in the workplace, and many victims have felt trapped, not knowing what to do.  The fact that many employees do not have the comfort level to ask an HR representative about these questions compound this problem.  An AI chatbot program will allow employees to learn what the workplace standards are and how to respond.

Another HR solution chatbots assist with is assisting employers to find new employees and integrating them into the workplace every step of the way.  There are various chatbots available that streamline these multiple processes for employers.  

Chatbots like Textio allow employers to create more effective job listings and predicts the performance of the employers listing.  Another chatbot is Montage, which assists in the interview process.  It allows employees to improve their interview skills, employers to promote their brand, and increase recruiter efficiency.  

Talla allows onboarding employees find shared knowledge, the right people to talk to, and answering questions or delivering information.  For employers who need to coach their employees, the app Mobile Coach allows employers to create pragmatic chatbots for their employees.  There is even an app called Growbot that shares completed work through an internal messaging and helps celebrates good work done in the company.

As can be seen, chatbots are a unique way AI has been able to enter the HR departments and transform the workplace.  Chatbots have transformed workplaces by helping answer seemingly mundane questions or deeply personal concerns of employees.  

AI Chatbots have also been widely implemented in various companies for their hiring process and every step along the way with the integration of employees.  While some fear AI could take the jobs of those in the HR departments of the workplace, much more believe these chatbots provide HR solutions and allow a company to become more efficient.

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