Monday, August 10, 2020
Equifax Cyber Security Breach

“It’s Time to Intervene!”

Imagine if the world had superheroes. What if Batman was real? What if Spider Man really could be seen swinging throughout downtown New York City? For many, this is who comes...

When Two Right Wing Leaders Smile

The past week saw two right wing leaders hugging not once, not twice, but three times at the lawns of the White House. While the warm bonhomie exuded by the two...
encrypted traffic

Cisco Develops New Network That Can Spot Threats in Encrypted Traffic

American multinational technology conglomerate, Cisco recently unveiled new intent-based networking solutions, that use advanced automation and machine learning to control networks. The network solutions – which were years in the making...
foreign ministry

Stolen Ministry Data: Italy Falls Prey to Hackers

There’s been a glut of news lately regarding the potential for hacking and political movements. After the recent allegations against the Trump administration, as well as the notorious exposure of the...

OneLogin: Another One Bites the Dust

The 1980 Queen hit ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ was an anthem for the 80s generation. But it also happens to describe security systems nearly 40 years later. After the massive...
Athena Malware

Athena Malware: The CIA in Your PC

If you’ve seen a suspense/thriller movie lately, a lot of them have to do with government authorities taking control of different private sector systems, and usually with nefarious purposes. Until recently,...

Wannacry & Ransomware Attacks: The Blame Game

I remember fighting with my siblings as a child. Suddenly mom or dad would come in and we’d both point at the other one and say, “It was his fault!” When...
British Airways

British Airways Struggles with IT, Again.

IT - you can’t live with it, and you can’t live without it. There’s a constant feeling with technology and modern conveniences, that maybe the simple life before all the gadgets...

Ransomware: NHS Patients Held Captive

For most of the patients in England and Scotland looking forward to a relatively smooth day at their hospitals, the past few hours have been harrowing. An International Cyber attack (Ransomware)...

World War Z – Zero-day Viruses and New Risks

In most epidemic films, virus hunters are looking for the infamous ‘Patient Zero’ - the first patient to have contracted the virus, and who then played host for the massive spread...


HPE’s ‘The Machine’: The Supercomputer of the Future?

There’re a lot of different suggestions these days about which technologies are best for developing the newest supercomputers. One option that is being pursued...

Fighting the Giants