Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Predicting Human Behavior

Predicting human behavior: AI and the Supreme Court

Predicting human behavior outcomes through artificial intelligence (AI) is tricky business, as any science fiction movie buff will tell you.  And that should be doubly true for humans in positions of...
Prosthetic Hands

Prosthetic Hands: Reach Out and Touch…Something

The English idiom is the direct result of the marketing efforts of AT&T, with the help of an iconic Diana Ross song in 1987. The phrase has since been used (not...

Microsoft, Cortana and the Future of AI

AI is everywhere, and it’s presence is rapidly expanding. The capabilities of machine learning systems and the power of the computing in these systems for consumer usage is unprecedented. Microsoft is...

Amazon Echo Look – Big Brother is Giving Fashion Advice

The rise of the artificial intelligence (AI) world sounds a bit Orwellian to the older generation. Computers that are watching you, keeping track of your movements, predicting your needs, and analyzing...

AI and Manufacturing – Predicting the Future

In Back to the Future 2, Marty McFly was able to determine the outcome of future sporting events because he had been to the future and back again. But when it...



Humans have always tried to immortalize themselves. Some have taken the assiduous path while others have done infamous deeds and ‘the evil lives on...