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Cloud-only Corp: Unilever Takes Flight

Unilever: A Household Name Embraces The Cloud Embracing a Cloud-Only Future with Accenture and Microsoft It's not just the biggest tech firms that need to…

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Amazon Shifts Focus from Hardware to AI Advancements

Dave Limp, the former Senior Vice President for Amazon’s Devices & Services, recently presided over his final Amazon device unveiling…

How ProvisionAI’s Freight Leveling Revolutionizes Kimberly-Clark’s Supply Chain Efficiency

In a world constantly chasing efficiency, the logistics and supply chain sectors are no exceptions. The quest for optimized transportation…

Procore Technologies Gains New Ground with Acquisition of Unearth Tech Startup

Procore Technologies Acquires Unearth Technologies Seattle-based tech startup Unearth Technologies, known for its breakthrough construction mapping software, announced its acquisition…

IBM Transforming the Future of Secure Payments

IBM Shapes the Future of Secure Payments Economies worldwide are witnessing a critical shift in the realm of payment methods,…

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Essential Eight + M365 Backup Compliance

Use this free 1-pager to demonstrate to customers how your technology helps meet key regulations We mapped requirements of key global regulations into simple 1...


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